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Garbage Changes


The City of Badger will be welcoming Speedy Dump as our new garbage and recycling contractor on July 1st.  The previous vendor’s contract with the city was up and their recycling rates were also increasing.

 When notified of the increase, Council also accepted bids from other companies to get the best rate for the citizens of Badger. 

The decision was made at a recent council meeting, with both the new and the old contractors present. Speedy Dump will provide 96 gallon (multi-person household) and 64 gallon (single household) wheeled garbage carts for weekly pickup on Thursday mornings.  This is an increase in the amount of garbage each resident may put out. Previously it was 60 gallons (multi-person household) and 30 gallons (single household) per week .

During discussion with both contractors present, Speedy Dump agreed to adjust their proposed rates for garbage so that the city would not have to raise residential garbage rates at this time.

Speedy Dump has ordered a new recycling bin, custom made to accept more cardboard than the current bin. The city believes we will then be able to cut back on the frequency that the bin is emptied. Speedy Dump does not charge a monthly rental fee on the recycling bin like the current contractor does; only pick up fees. Between that and being able to have the frequency of pickups lowered, the city will be paying less to Speedy Dump than the previous contractor for recycling.  The previous contractor did not offer to lower their recycling rates.

The annual cost for recycling from Speedy Dump will be approximately $4,700 less than our current provider.  There will be no need to increase recycling fees for our residents as was previously being mandated had the city had an increase from the contractor. 

The City feels that not only is this a cost saving measure for recycling, but the upgrades to garbage service by going to carts and automated trucks will be a welcome change and help to alleviate the problems that arise when garbage bags or cans without lids are left at the curb. 

Speedy Dump will also offer free garbage pickup to our church and fire department and would like to be active in supporting our community as best they can.

We look forward to doing business with them and hope our residents will too.  Wheeled garbage carts will be provided to each residence prior to July 1st